She was an angel said her twinkling eyeball. 

She was a blessing exhibited her face not less than a luminous fireball.

A baby doll who held a doll.

A girl who played football.

A Teen with curly blonde strikes on her back that used to fall.

A lady she was now, ordered and restricted to cook and clean within the wall.

Because alas!

They couldn’t accept her, dancing in rainfall.

They couldn’t accept her eating at a road-side stall.

They couldn’t accept her doing party and drinking alcohol.

They couldn’t accept her watching movies and strolling in a shopping mall.

She had the playlist that they never chose,

She had the lyrics that she did not disclose.

Only she could do was to scroll the troll,

Only she had, were the memories to recall.

She is the same but their expectations changed.

She is still the angel with twinkling eyeball, she is still a blessing with the face not less than a luminous fireball :”)

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