The Unfamiliar Desolation


Whoa! Imagine, You’ve accomplished all the desires in the cradle of success. you are just standing at the pinnacle but you realise you are not happy.

Everytime you pass by, applauds carpet your way but it’s still incomplete as if the puzzle of your body still lacks the mid-block.

You’ve got a life but you aren’t alive.With the utmost luxuries of a life, you are deprived of contentment.


I’m stuck, breathing to break the chain of solitude amidst the jam of officials.

Crease ripples my face just when the brimming prickly tiles slam my visuals.

I’m stuck, between the contractions and rarefactions that grow just when a metal spoon falls off the china dish.

Sensation muddles in my veins just when my leathered shoe echoes in the furniture-filled evacuated mansion.

I’m stuck, under the weight of the antipodal expressions, rushing; dodging; creating a havoc perhaps turning me feeble.

My soul thumps heavier with every gulp just when the mild cotton stuffed curtains shadow the dawn and intensify the dusk.

I’m stuck, while tossing and turning over the cosy-frosted mattress, sorting my baffled interiors.

28 thoughts on “The Unfamiliar Desolation

  1. Gr8 work frnd❤️😘😍… Keep it up as said keep writing like this and one day u would be in the list gr8 poets of 21st century🤣
    Once again… A gr8 poem👍
    But ya prefer a happier topic next time(advice as a frnd

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gr8 work pal 👍
    Keep up the good work 😄
    Keep writing like this and we would keep loving like this ❤️😘😍
    And the day would be near when u would top the list of great poets of 21st century 😄😋🤣❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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