Agonised Shriek

Synopsis: While riding on a road, I encountered little spirits with tanned skins and bleak bodies sheathed in layers of hunger, wrapping themselves around people like You and Me.

Agonised shriek

When the spectrum of sun

beams in,

it gleams all his 

undernourished scars carved 

out of savagery.

When the horns of motors

fart out,

it jolts him away,

depriving him of the only precipitates

of artsy.

When the layer of coal

beneath his naked feet


his subtle skin burns out agony

and heals in mourn.

When his belly grumbles

and yelps with no sign

of a baked or just a withered bread,

it floods him with slurry

flowing all through the scraped areas

of his fatigued spirit.

When the glass painted windows

glare at his most

squinted gaze,

it tosses him off with denials

to jostle amid the poor wealth of high stratums and patter

the glasses of inhumans.

When the civilisations rest in blur,

he lurches and crawls,snaking his way

to the corners of ashes pitched

in bins, yearning

to smell the outdated fodder.

When the buildings stand

stiff and sturdy,

he lurks in the basement,

half- draped in his torn ripped

piece of cloth and

shuts his red- puffed eyes

still craving to earn

a life.


18 thoughts on “Agonised Shriek

  1. Another feather on ur hat! girl u deserve every appreciation๐ŸŽฉ

    Love ur poems
    Keep writing๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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