A centre of attraction-The Eyes.

​How those curtains of lashes fall on the theatre,
Bringing forth elegance.
How the folds of skin lay down in grace like a bride at her wedding day.

How kohl impregnates it’s peripheries biding

an inevitable truth.

How glamour streams through the surface, sparkling through splintering walls

 and towering debris.

How the potion of fluid piled at its nook, slouches you away,

intoxicates you a little more than a drug does.

How deep you dig yourself into the boundedly unbounded pupil dipped in colours, 

painting a world that dwells between your fingers, coils around your toes, sniffs at your chest and resides in your soul.

11 thoughts on “A centre of attraction-The Eyes.

  1. Isn’t it amazing that a lil piece of poetry can have such an impact on someone, that he can’t help falling in love with it?

    “May the lustre of ur shimmering eyes never fade”
    Loved it😍😘
    God bless such beautiful minds….^-^

    Liked by 1 person

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