A centre of attraction-The Eyes.

​How those curtains of lashes fall on the theatre, Bringing forth elegance. How the folds of skin lay down in grace like a bride at her wedding day. How kohl impregnates it’s peripheries biding an inevitable truth. How glamour streams through the surface, sparkling through splintering walls  and towering debris. How the potion of fluid […]

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Agonised Shriek

Synopsis: While riding on a road, I encountered little spirits with tanned skins and bleak bodies sheathed in layers of hunger, wrapping themselves around people like You and Me. Agonised shriek When the spectrum of sun beams in, it gleams all his  undernourished scars carved  out of savagery. When the horns of motors fart out, […]

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The Unfamiliar Desolation

SYNOPSIS Whoa! Imagine, You’ve accomplished all the desires in the cradle of success. you are just standing at the pinnacle but you realise you are not happy. Everytime you pass by, applauds carpet your way but it’s still incomplete as if the puzzle of your body still lacks the mid-block. You’ve got a life but […]

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Below sherbets and between the barbies lingered in me, a mashed paper. Scribbled in it , were cursive words , beautiful but messed in chaos. Among the lits of lamps and sugar of candies, the first time these lil kid’s entrenched words faded the lit  and bittered the sugar. On my wooden body, the clammy […]



She was an angel said her twinkling eyeball.  She was a blessing exhibited her face not less than a luminous fireball. A baby doll who held a doll. A girl who played football. A Teen with curly blonde strikes on her back that used to fall. A lady she was now, ordered and restricted to […]


I TRY :’)

Against the wind , I fly Tolerating the ashes, slapped by the bushes i step, I try. Lifting up lids to the showering blossoms than being annoyed by the sad sulked autumn leaves, I try. Up the hill ; down the road i crawl like a baby but being unstoppable, I try. On the zigzag […]

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